Keith Lee Johnson

Queens of New Orleans
  • Queens of New Orleans
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    Dare To Imagine Publishing presents Keith Lee Johnson's Little Black Girl Lost Book 5: Queens of New Orleans may be his best work in the entire series. It begins where Book 4 ends; then takes off and never slows down. With the death of her prince fresh in her mind, all Lauren can do is think about the night she stole away from her family and her lover's brother, who she left at the altar on their wedding day. She wanted a do over, but that wasn't going to happen. She had to live with her decision to flee and the consequences of her choice. Now though, she had friends; powerful, influential friends, and she would have her revenge. The man who killed her prince would soon find himself in the same state, dead, killed brutally when he least expected it. When it was over, she would feel no remorse and she would find rest for her soul.