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Looking for a Strict Dominant lady Or couple FF  
ill live rent free as real slave
Own me and controll my hole life
Put me in collar
And sign a servitude contract
I want a strict dominant hard but fair Sadist woman
A Mistress is fine but not a nasty one who doesnt understand things
I want a female led relationship
To live with her
And be in house domestic helper and bdsm sex slave
All i need is to go out once a sunday
And once a fortnight to see my daughter
But its only a couple hours each time
And medical needs
Those only
But you can campany me if you decide im not allowed out house without you or youre permission
My only two limits
 is i dont accept financiall domination from my own money and no permanent harm or injury
But to make it up you can use me to others and you get paid or sell my pics and videos of what you do to me online
You can degrade and humiliate me
All these
Long as you love me
ill live by all youre rules terms and conditions
ill accept all discipline and punishment no matter what they are long as no permanent harm or injury
I accept severe and extreme pain and bdsm torture and deep marks bruises and welts i accept all
You make all decisions over my life
Even when i sleep eat drink toilet
I give totall power exchange
Use me as you wish
Give me the orders
Make all decisions for my life
Youre the boss
What you say goes
Aug 17, 2018
Australian Capital Territory
Weston Creek
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